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Did you know that you too, are a powerful healer? You are incredibly intuitive. You already have these special abilities whether you realize it or not. Perhaps, you already knew this, but do not know what to do with your abilities. Are you afraid of tapping into your own intuition? Or, do you believe these abilities are reserved for someone “special”? If you are ready to unlock your true potential and feel compelled to be the light for positive transformations for others, this is the class for you. If you feel energies and vibrations all around you and want to harness that sensitivity in moving yourself forward, this is the class for you. ThetaHealing trainings will gently guide practitioners and clients to harness and unlock our underutilized innate abilities. In a way, it is a training to re-member and awaken what we already know deep within ourselves. It is a journey to rediscover yourself and the world around you in a whole new perspective—it’s a paradigm shift. ThetaHealing utilizes active meditation methods which guides practitioner and clients into Theta brain state. In the Theta brain state, we have access to both conscious and subconscious mind. This opens up a gateway for us to tap into unlimited potentials including deeper emotional, spiritual and physical healing in impactful ways. ThetaHealing classes are for: • People who seeks self healing, self empowerment, and inner peace. • Those who want to gain spiritual/intuitive confidence. • Practitioners in holistic wellness. • Counselors and people in community service. • Energy workers and body workers in all modalities. • Practitioners who would like to have clear energetic/emotional boundaries with their clients. • Seeker of the inner truth in connection to divine. Basic DNA is the first step in becoming a ThetaHealing Practitioner. In this class, students will... • Be certified as a ThetaHealing practitioner after successful completion of the weekend training. • Practice meditation to promote self discovery and inner peace for themselves and the others around them. • Lean skills and concepts in providing compassionate and effective ThetaHealing sessions. • Build stronger energetic and emotional boundaries while safely opening up your intuitive abilities. • Unlock the highest and best version of yourself and develop your skills in empowering others to walk their own healing journeys. • Lean how to guide people to effectively shift deeply held thought patters (if they choose to) • Learn how to create and discrete with your thoughts and vibrations. • Lean how to break from genetically inherited thought patters that are no longer serving you. • Strengthening your connection with the highest and most loving vibration of all that is. Students are expected to... • Come with open hearts and mind. • Be respectful of the class rules and others in the class. • Be ready to participate in the class activities. • Honor, respect, and encourage healing journeys of one another. • Be open to deeper self discovery and empowerment. Investment: $500 This includes textbooks, 3 full days of instruction, light snacks, and certification as a ThetaHealer upon successful completion of the 3 day workshop. ​All Wellness Workers qualify for a scholarship! Please reach out to Shelle at Yoga Hive Montana directly at: Sign up for the training here:

  • Date: 01/13/2023 10:30 AM - 01/15/2023 05:30 PM
  • Location: 407 East 1st Street, Whitefish, MT 59937, USA (Map)